http://reginafasteners.com/author/regfast/ Yoga is for everyone. More than a form of exercise or a social activity, it is a key to living a fulfilling and balanced life. In a densely populated area like London, and in a time of unprecedented unrest and numbers of displaced peoples, it is important to locate tools that make life easy and enjoyable again.

http://ashleyannlaz.com/?feed=rss2 I have been practicing yoga since 1993 and it has enabled my family to live a relatively peaceful life, in spite of a difficult history. My grandparents were refugees, and struggled every day for our survival. In her gratitude, my mother taught me yoga from when I was six. Today, I endeavour to use the philosophy and practice of yoga to help those people who are more recently displaced by war and conflict, both directly and indirectly. The public classes I now offer to new and low-income Londoners are a calm sequence of stretches which, practiced regularly, combat stress and hyperactivity, harness our vital energy, relieve back pain and heighten immunity.

When I started practicing yoga, it was still largely unknown outside of urban areas. Now it is very popular, there is a buffet of yoga to choose from and the quality of teaching ranges from McDonalds to a Michelin-star restaurant! The sceptic may have taken one bad class and be understandably disappointed, but consider this: after tasting one bad meal, would you swear off food? Even doctors now recommend yoga to their patients, and neurological studies show us how it improves brain functionality as well as tonifying your entire body. You are never too old or too young to start your yoga practice.

Yoga can be learned from books and videos, but in my experience there is nothing like an seasoned teacher to support and track your progress. I am certified by International School of Yoga and Shiatsu, Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance Professionals. My classes are priced to be affordable to everyone. Weekly classes are always listed here. I also offer tailored one-to-one yoga and yoga therapy. If you would like to book a consultation or if have questions before taking class, please email: hello@yogalis.com